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Redefining Media

Media environment is currently shaped on the one hand by centralized institutions which censor a high portion of the published contents and on the other hand by a massive flow of low quality user generated content. A dangerous over centralization subsists on a market where unfair remunerations and poor customer experience are constantly on the rise, the lion’s share of the wealth generated being seized by few intermediaries.

PUBLIQ is reshaping the media industry by enabling censorship free generation, selection, assessment and publishing of content. It offers a unique experience where the wealth generated is fairly and exclusively distributed to the network participants.


  • Bitcoin News
  • Coinspeaker
  • PCMag
  • EconoTimes
  • CryptoCurrencyMagazine
  • ForkLog
  • BitMakler
  • Online Biznis
  • BitFeed
  • Core Sector Communique
  • Coinews
  • The Data Driver
  • PHP.RU

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