PUBLIQ Testnet is live and ready to support the testing of PUBLIQ ecosystem solutions. Testnet utility tokens are separate and distinct from actual PBQs, and do not have real value. This allows both PUBLIQ and its partners to experiment, without having to use real PBQs or worrying about breaking the main PUBLIQ blockchain.

  • Demo Media Channel
  • PBQ Testnet Wallet
  • Blockchain Testnet Explorer

Demo Media Channel

The current testnet demonstrates one of PUBLIQ’s use cases – publishing of content through Media Channels by allowing authors to register, post content and start earning a reputation while letting users provide feedback on quality of the content. It also welcomes partner channels, such as German Tagesschau and Funk (ZDF/ARD), ready to support the testing. Several publishers from Europe, the USA, Japan and other asian countries will join shortly.

PBQ Testnet Wallet

Testnet Web Wallet allows sending and receiving Testnet PBQs (TNPBQ). The wallet also shows the instant and continuous distribution by PUBLIQ platform of TNPBQs linked to the current score/rating of a particular author.

Blockchain Testnet Explorer

PUBLIQ Blockchain Testnet Explorer provides detailed information about blocks, addresses, and transactions. It allows searching for a transaction and payments in TNPBQs in PUBLIQ Testnet blockchain.

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