PUBLIQ builds strong ties with the blockchain community of China

31 July, 2017
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Recently in China, several encouraging announcements were made in favor of blockchain developments and implementation at a large scale. In the Informatization Strategy published in December 2016, the strategy states, “The internet, cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain will drive the evolution of everything”.

At the same time, The People's Bank of China (PBoC) released details about a five-year development plan focused on its strategy for advancing technology use in the country's domestic financial industry. According to the announcement, the PBoC intends to actively push forward the development of new technologies such as blockchain and AI. It also plans to strengthen its research on applications of fintech in regulation.

Blockchain is now more than just a buzzword in China. Chinese banks, suppliers and retailers are actively designing blockchain solutions.

PUBLIQ aims to be available worldwide and China represents a key place to raise awareness and build a strong community around PUBLIQ’s game changing project. In order to build a stronger relationship with our Chinese followers, PUBLIQ decided to join two very interesting events that took place on the 27th of July in Shanghai.

The China Wealth Management ECO Conference 2017 held at the Shanghai South Pullman featured an impressive list of talented and innovative Tech renowned entrepreneur and family office investors. More than 50 industry leading professionals  gave presentations and participated in panel discussions. The conference featured a number of discussion sessions with startups and mature companies debating about the future of AI, robo-advisory and blockchain. The conference had an overall audience of greater than 300 attendees and multiple opportunities for networking. Significant chinese companies and Media were present to meet startups and mature companies working on different technologies ( CreditEase, Hywin, JadeValue, CCTV, ).

Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ held a keynote presentation in the afternoon. “The opportunity was very interesting for PUBLIQ to speak up and be the only blockchain-powered media project to be present at the event. The crowd was very curious to understand our disrupting vision of media.”, said Alexandre Tabbakh.

Alexandre shared some impressive statistics on WeChat messaging and social app. WeChat originally started out as a messaging app but has since expanded to include content, e-commerce and mobile payments. There are now 20 million official accounts on the WeChat platform and more than 900 million monthly active users, with the average user reading the equivalent of a novel’s worth of articles published on these accounts each month. He also tacked the current revenue model of the most important social media platforms that do not fully redistribute the wealth generated to reward the most talented authors.

PUBLIQ builds strong ties with the blockchain community of China

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Explaining people how PUBLIQ places authors and readers at the center of the media industry is necessary to attract and welcome the attention of authors, channels and advertisers, major participants of the PUBLIQ ecosystem. In the next years, the economic model of the Internet needs to be significantly enhanced, encouraging quality over volume and incentivizing authors of content to provide the best of their talent to readers around the world.

PUBLIQ builds strong ties with the blockchain community of China

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