Distributed Media PUBLIQ being distributed to public at Berlin Blockchain Expo

03 June, 2017
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The blockchain technology is reaching an unprecedented level of interest. An increasing amount of projects and companies using blockchain powered infrastructure are emerging and proposing new business models.

The purpose of the Blockchain Expo held in Erstel, Berlin on the 1st and 2nd of June, was to bring together 1500+ experts from around the world to discuss and explore the latest updates and innovations surrounding the blockchain ecosystem. The topics and industries mentioned were broad: government, energy, media, healthcare as well as legal and financial industries.

Among the different blockchain features and advantages mentioned, transparency, fraud reduction, real time payments and disintermediation were at the heart of the discussions. The different startups were not only focusing in applying blockchain for corporates or banks, but also in our societies and in the daily life of everyone.

Alexandre Tabbakh, the CEO of PUBLIQ, has participated in the Blockchain-Expo, along with representatives from PwC, Commerzbank AG, Deloitte, Ripple and Deutsche Post, DHL and others.

Alexandre delivered a very complete keynote where he explained the PUBLIQ vision of a free blockchain powered distributed media environment for everyone. He introduced the unique mechanism of merit-based reward distribution that PUBLIQ implements to incentivize and remunerate people for their good work.

He also shared his opinion about the current rise of the blockchain space by reminding what blockchain was made for: Distribute trust to create free environments, remove unnecessary middlemen and facilitate interactions between people through game changing customer experiences.The event provided high quality panels and presentations, but also a unique opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and create fruitful connections.

Please stay tuned on our website/social medias for upcoming updates. We will also be present to speak about PUBLIQ in the 0100 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, and New York on the 16th of June for an event dedicated to PUBLIQ!

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