PUBLIQ Present at British Journalism Awards 2018

17 December, 2018
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The British Journalism Awards 2018 took place yesterday evening (10 December 2018) at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, London. An occasion to reward the most talented journalists of the year with nominations and give prizes to a few of them. For PUBLIQ, of which I am the Global Ambassador, an occasion to participate in this important event and to get to be known. In this respect whenever I explained what the PUBLIQ platform is about, my explanations were irrevocably received with interest if not fascination. This was the case by the very nice Vice-President of Communications and Public Affairs of Imperial College London, Luke Blair, or the no less very good Ross Laddyn of the Evening Standard with whom I had the pleasure of an extended conversation. And how could it be otherwise? Where is to be found a platform where a freelance journalist can be remunerated 10 minutes after posting an article. Admittedly for now payments are in test PBQs, PUBLIQ's cryptocurrency, on the testnet; but the mainnet platform is due to be launched within a few months. At that point articles posted will generate fiat currencies as the PBQ is due to go on a public exchange. For now, 1000 PBQs are given for testing and will be converted later at a specific rate. I could not help to notice the poster for the charity to support journalists in need, a very good initiative, but PUBLIQ once in place will offer them work. Anyone can open an account for free and test (and get cryptos) at this address: Do not forget to hashtag the keywords of your article as otherwise, the system will not post it. Then 10 minutes later click on 'transactions'.

Written by Christian de Vartavan

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