A Truly Brilliant UFI Funded VocTech Showcase 2018

19 December, 2018
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Attended yesterday evening (21 November) in London, as Global Ambassador for PUBLIQ, the UFI funded VocTech 2018. One of this year's best tech event & showcase with truly brilliant projects being presented by the no less truly brilliant Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO, and one project rewarded. Among them, Veejay Lingiah's brilliant multi-lingual app for industry workers called FlashAcademy. You flash an object with the app's camera and it tells you in any thirty languages of your choice what it is, and how to pronounce it (among other functions). The vocabulary reserve is a staggering, apparently 10.000 words for each language. More than needed to perform any technical task. Many other superb projects, one in particular, but as I have a connection I may be biased and I leave it to others to discuss. PUBLIQ attracted much attention during networking with a comparatively long conversation with AnthonyPainter, Director of the Action and Research Centre of the RSA [Royal Society of Arts] where I have been recently elected a Fellow a few weeks ago. As I explained to him and to other participants, PUBLIQ's distributed media platform is not announced as operational, yet, but it is already. Register to test it for free at https://testnet-demo.publiq.site/. After copy/pasting, tagging and tweeting your article, see your test PBQs [PUBLIQ's cryptocurrency] coming in every 20'in 'Transactions'! Magic!

Written by Christian de Vartavan 

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