How can Blockchain revolutionize the Media landscape?

05 октября, 2017
К сожалению, статья, которую вы ищете, недоступна на этом языке.

The blockchain is undoubtedly a powerful technology that has the ability to empower people to interact in trustable ecosystems. However its application into the media industry still remains widely unexploited.

On the 4th of October, a two-hour event was held by PUBLIQ Foundation in partnership with the Blockchain Connector, a very active London based blockchain developer community sponsored by UCL. The event covered the influence of blockchain technology over the Media landscape through the prism of PUBLIQ’s game changing vision.

The event featured the presentation of the PUBLIQ ecosystem with its unique proprietary blockchain and consensus protocol but also its AI capabilities that offer an influence-free reading experience as well as an optimized placement mechanism for advertisers.

A number of blockchain enthusiasts and developers were attending the event to listen to Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ, and Tigran Ghahramanyan, Software Engineer at PUBLIQ who presented and explained why PUBLIQ was born and how does it propose a new healthy ecosystem to the media industry. Antonio Sabado, event organiser at the blockchain connector also talked about the London blockchain environment before giving the stage to Alexandre and Tigran. The PUBLIQ team wanted to mark the occasion by showcasing an in house made proof of concept. The attendees had the opportunity to observe and hear the explanations regarding the PUBLIQ blockchain powered media ecosystem.

Like the previous events in the USA, Austria or Hong Kong, PUBLIQ received a lot of interest and questions from the participants that were fully filling the room with 145 people. A 30 min Q&A session afterwards was filled with more than 20 questions about the technology and the approach towards the different PUBLIQ participants.

The next step for PUBLIQ is to share its vision in Shanghai, China on 26th of October during the Fintech & blockchain China Summit 2017 and from 21st to 23rd of November in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in the Media-Forum “Dialogue of Cultures”, where worldwide media representatives will be present.

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