Meet PUBLIQ team: Vazgen Manukyan, Technical Product Manager, Scrum Master

27 October, 2017
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"People are already getting understanding of what does Blockchain mean and might reach to its full-understanding in 5-10 years.”- V. Manukyan


1. When did you start working on blockchain related projects?

It has been already 2 years that I have joined PUBLIQ team, and for some time during that period worked at Blockchain R&D Hub.  Now I am completely focused on building the PUBLIQ platform.  During this time we were able to assemble a strong team with considerable knowledge and experienced in core blockchain technologies. Needless to say, for all of us this was a new field and we had to do much learning while doing real work and delivering products.  

I like the fact that we are building one of the main platforms for the media of the future, a project itself of great challenge and importance, that will for sure extend its influence and support way beyond the domain that PUBLIQ occupies.

One of the examples of our recent teamwork is the development of DECENT from scratch: a decentralized Blockchain platform that allows digital content distribution based on own architecture and logic.  We had some of the tightest deadlines and pressure to deliver real solutions to the community that believed in DECENT: the entire team worked without weekends and in different locations most of the time.  I had the pleasure of structuring and organizing the work of our international team, making sure we stay focused on delivering the planned results.  We were all very happy to launch DECENT live application in June this year, as it was planned by the Foundation.   

I am happy that we are currently fully focused on building “PUBLIQ” blockchain platform, with its unique architecture that our team was able to design, and several interesting solutions that keep the entire team highly motivated and excited - it is always interesting to build something new and challenging - it is both great learning and fun at the same time.   

2. What is your motivation to work in this industry?

Honestly, I am a big fan of mathematics, and Blockchain is one of those industries where I can fully invest my knowledge and use my skills, work on unique projects on daily basis, look for solutions to different goals, etc. It makes my life more exciting and interesting.

3. According to your personal experience, what is the most impressive change that the Blockchain made?

It is the trust, it is the immediate transfer of digital assets, including crypto-currencies, and that there is no middleman. I guess those 3 reasons are the most important ones.

From my personal experience, there was a case when I did some job and the customer transferred the money to my account which I received only after 4 months. The process was a real struggle for me. So Blockchain solves issues like this.

Additionally, I hate it when the middleman earns sometimes more money than the person who does the real work: something that happened to me many times.

4. What products could be developed using PUBLIQ?

PUBLIQ is an open-source, non-profit Blockchain platform, that provides APIs allowing different people to create various products based on PUBLIQ. The most awesome project that would be built on PUBLIQ is a new version of a stack overflow. It allows developers spending a lot of time looking for solutions or post issues with no solutions for them. So there is a big community involved here. This is truly impressive and people are getting motivated and getting reputation by answering questions.

The only  disadvantage here is that you should spend some time writing those posts. But the quality content will definitely get recognized and will give the author an opportunity to earn money for the investment of his/her time.

5. What do you think by what year there will be full understanding and trust towards Blockchain technologies?

People are already getting understanding of what does Blockchain mean and  in my personal opinion projects based on Blockchain will become common after 3 years  and we will reach  full-understanding in 5 to 10 years, I believe.

6. Who are your fan/favorite employee in PUBLIQ and why?

It is Arman Aleksanian, our Chief Innovation Officer. First because he is my friend for already more than 30 years. And during this time he was always a creative person and it was always interesting to work with him.

7. Finally, few words about your background and work experience prior to you joining PUBLIQ?

I have almost 17 years of experience with programming in different languages, like Java,  C++, PHP and others. I started my professional experience in the Ministry of Defence as a Developer for nearly 5 years. I’ve created few projects that even now are being used there. Afterwards, I started to work for a Netherlands-based company called “Metris”  as a department manager of Algorithm Creation. I worked there few years as well. I got some reputation from there, some references and  feedback about my work. Later I was presented to  “President Prize” for adding innovation to Statistical Analysis.

After Metris and few-year freelancing experience, I started working for The Municipality of Yerevan as a Deputy Director of Technology Management Centre. I was responsible for a number of valuable projects for our Capital city.

I have Masters in Physics, and 4th dan and black belt in programming :)

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.