From one of the best pitches of 2017 to the first working blockchain media in 2018

25 January, 2018
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Mashable named PUBLIQ one of the best pitches in 2017. This has been a great achievement for the international team of the non profit Foundation and a tremendous source of motivation.

PUBLIQ is ready to build on the success of 2017, and does not plan to rest on concept only excellence, rather works towards its plan of bringing to life the first truly distributed and independent media ecosystem.

Today PUBLIQ announced the release of its first Testnet. The team works hard to stay ahead of its roadmap and development plan. The blockchain network is already functional and works in concert with the goals of the ecosystem. It holds account related information, transactions and content metadata. It will also introduce and support the PUBLIQ “PBQ utility tokens” to be used into the PUBLIQ ecosystem, for the moment in a test mode. The foundation has designed a special bounty program for TestNet participants, details of which will be announced shortly.

Few details on what PUBLIQ offers with its Testnet:

PUBLIQ Blockchain Testnet Explorer
A web tool allowing users to view information about blocks, addresses, and transactions on the PUBLIQ Testnet blockchain.

PUBLIQ Demo Web Wallet
Allows users to create a wallet, send and receive PBQs

PUBLIQ Demo Channel - a use case for Media Website
Helps to demonstrate one of PUBLIQ’s use cases - publishing of text content through Demo Channels. Allows authors to register, post content and start building a reputation from users feedback.

PUBLIQ Demo Channels Dashboard
Enables creation of other channels based on PUBLIQ Demo Channel environment, with particular focus on subject or area of interest.

PUBLIQ is the first Demo Channel to display the content with full functionality. Other channels may be created by “cloning” the main PUBLIQ channel. While the Demo Channel will have the ability to display all the content posted on the PUBLIQ platform, new channels may have particular focus on subject or area of interest. The channels will have free access to PUBLIQ content and will be able to select any content to publish. These channels may also invite any authors to join PUBLIQ while delivering content directly to their hosts.

PUBLIQ is not an experiment, it is a reality! PUBLIQ gives equal opportunity to all and creates a self sustainable economy that constantly places the users at the heart of the attentions.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.