PUBLIQ Present at BETT 2019

24 January, 2019
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BETT is the world's biggest event on education, one could say mass as it is religiously attended by most major education and technology companies in the world. This year 700 leading companies and over 100 start-ups were present in London's EXCEL Centre to present their products and services to tens of thousands of attendees. As Global Ambassador of PUBLIQ I thought that this event could not be missed and I spent the whole of yesterday not only visiting companies which are involved in activities connected to PUBLIQ's aim but had private extended discussions with representatives of Google, Microsoft, Quanta Computer, Blackberry, etc... Education is a very promising sector for PUBLIQ as teachers for a start can house their educational material, such as textbooks, or teaching reflections on PUBLIQ and get revenue from them - just as journalists or authors of all kinds will. The launch of PUBLIQ is due in March 2019. Anyone can register on PUBLIQ's testing platform at the following address: For now, PUBLIQ offers one hundred free PBQs, PUBLIQ's token, to anyone registering and testing the system by pasting proprietary texts - whereas companies opening separate channels are offered 1000 PBQs which will rapidly grow as pasted material is read and 100% of the shares of advertising redistributed to all creators. The tokens are due to be converted in fiat currencies in March when PUBLIQ will go on the ATAIX exchange platform. Do not miss this rendezvous as PUBLIQ's concept is unique in the world and truly a breakthrough; where on earth (literally) can you, for example, get paid ten minutes sharp after posting a blog. Innovation is hard and BETT 2019 if anything demonstrated this in a magisterial way as the near totality of what was presented are but variations of existing concepts and products despite, in very many instances, novelty claims. But the impact on education of the event is colossal and the extent of the financial market of this sector of activity obvious when one walks along the hundreds of companies lined up.

Written by Christian de Vartavan

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