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08 November, 2017
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If 2016 was the year that Blockchain technology broke through, then 2017 is the year that it has exploded into the mainstream press and into the global consciousness.

PUBLIQ, a distributed Blockchain for the new generation of media, was born to combat fake news. As more of us realise the flaws of the current media system, more will flock to PUBLIQ with its distributed content platform for creating and sharing authentic news and articles. A peer-to-peer distributed network implements a new vision and approach to the media industry. In short, writers and distributors of quality content are rewarded fairly.

Due to this revolutionary approach to media, the awareness of PUBLIQ has been growing dramatically. In the last few months, PUBLIQ has been mentioned by various media outlets, including The Next Web, CoinJournal, Numerama, Blockchain News, The Huffington Post and The BBC.

The Next Web’s millions of monthly readers learned in an article that “PUBLIQ intends to create a trusted economy, using blockchain, where all profits gained through its platform will be distributed between content providers and others participating in its inherent rewards system.” TNW is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business, and culture. The article, entitled “Using blockchain to fight fake news is the most 2017 thing ever”, also takes a deep dive into details of how exactly the reputation of both authors and channels are generated.

The Huffington Post is a massive name in online media, breaking the latest news in politics, entertainment, sports, travel, and life to 185 million views each month. In their article about how millennials can benefit from the Blockchain, PUBLIQ is mentioned as a Blockchain-based media platform. "This nonprofit Foundation”, writes The Huffington Post, “introduces a peer-to-peer distributed network that implements a new vision and approach to the media industry.”

CoinJournal published the story: “PUBLIQ Launches Blockchain-Based Content Platform For Genuine, Unbiased News". The title itself is a concise description of PUBLIQ’s mission. CoinJournal collates the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Blockchain news from around the world, so they know what’s what in the Blockchain world. They introduce PUBLIQ as a tool that aims to solve the numerous problems that have plagued the media industry, including over-centralization, unfair remuneration, poor customer experience and lack of quality content.

Numerama is a top French publication that provides ongoing news and key insights on the digital space with readership in the millions. They are talking about PUBLIQ as a particularly ambitious Blockchain project. They focussed on PUBLIQ’s use of distributed storage and exchange of tools based on mutual trust to provide reliable news, and therefore, fight the spread of fake news.

“PUBLIQ Reveals How Blockchain and AI Can Fix the Issue of Fake News” is the take by Blockchain News, a publication dedicated to everything crypto. They share stories about promising projects emerging in the Blockchain community. In the article, they provide a short introduction on the Foundation, the target market and a detailed description of the workflow.

The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones referred to PUBLIQ as “a guarantor of authenticity” in an episode of the popular Tech Tent podcast, which frequently addresses fake news. Following a description of PUBLIQ, Cellan-Jones then goes on to quote PUBLIQ CEO Alexandre Tabbakh that it is “all about disrupting a business model that rewards clicks at the expense of accuracy and authenticity.” The Tech Tent episode then goes on to express the hope that “Advertisers will then flock to the platform, knowing their messages will be placed next to reputable content, not fake news.”

The numbers are adding up for PUBLIQ as millions of people are getting to understand how the Blockchain can be used to fight fake news. And 2017 is not over yet.

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