PUBLIQ Hosts Japanese Companies

01 October, 2018
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PUBLIQ Foundation hosted Japanese government and business representatives at their headquarters in Yerevan. The guests included:

  1. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  2. Recruit Co., Ltd. - An advertisement, publication and human resources company
  3. NHK - Japan’s National Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Pola Orbis Holdings Inc. - a Japanese cosmetic company
  5. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation - Japan’s national telecommunication company
  6. Mistletoe, Inc. - a Japan-based global VC firm
  7. Centaurus Works Inc. - a LegalTech company
  8. COPILOT Inc. - a digital creative company
  9. Kimco International Pte Ltd. - a Japan-Singapore based global VC firm
  10. Hengi Inc. - a branding consulting company
  11. Blue Inc. - a security research company

CEO and Co-Founder Gagik Yeghiazarian went on to present PUBLIQ as a distributed media ecosystem and one on which the media of the future can be built on. Our goal is to bring together content-producers and publishers to directly create, own, govern and manage media while enjoying an instant merit-based distribution of wealth. The decentralized foundation offers a new approach to the media industry that changes the way people inform and are informed in an era where online media is growing rapidly.

“PUBLIQ offers technologies and infrastructures to improve independence and impartiality. Here, we enhance publishing and user experiences and pioneer merit based ownership and rewards. We are an Open Source Protocol and remunerate all developers that contribute to our advancement.”

The guests were told how PUBLIQ seeks to establish the future media ecosystem based on blockchain combined with analytics and artificial intelligence. This incites authors and readers to regain trust in media by sharing and acquiring information in a safe, unbiased, impartial and a fair ecosystem.

The presentation showed how the content distribution is implemented, how authors are rewarded, and how the PUBLIQ ecosystem is run in general, the latter being free of third party interferences.

“Blockchain, distributed ledger, smart contracts, and PUBLIQ’s proprietary wealth distribution algorithm enable new media ecosystem. We support the interests of both authors and users and maintain a censorship-resistant media environment.”

It was PUBLIQ’s pleasure to host international guests: with some of both companies and representatives PUBLIQ already met in Tokyo, inviting them to pay a visit. The interactive presentation sparked so many questions that the guests kept asking for more till the very last moment of goodbye. With more to talk about, they will be meeting soon in Tokyo.

As Co-Founder and CINO of PUBLIQ Arman Aleksanian concluded, while enjoying a small photo session with the guests: “We are pleased with how our meeting turned out. We are looking forward to future productive collaborations. We wish you all the best with your endeavors!”

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