Metropolis: PUBLIQ’s Newest Inductee

28 December, 2018
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PUBLIQ is very happy to have Metropolis join PUBLIQ. Currently owned by Japan Partnership KK, Metropolis targets English speakers in Tokyo, Japan. If you ever travel to Japan and arrive at Narita Airport, Metropolis is one of the things you will notice immediately.

The magazine has been around since the 90s, initially published in 1994 as the Tokyo Classified. It’s not only a news magazine, but also a 32-to-48 page free monthly city guide that was distributed with the Japanese magazine Daily Yomiuri.

Metropolis’s previous owners were Mark and Mary Devlin, who rebranded the magazine from Tokyo Classified into what it’s now called. Capturing the essence of Tokyo, Metropolis Magazine’s early editions, in the broadsheet style, consisted of classified advertisements sourced from shop notice boards.

Our Co-Founders Gagik Yeghiazarian and Arman Aleksanian met with Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer Neil Butler and Editor-In-Chief Paul McInnes several times in Tokyo. PUBLIQ was happy to guide the Metropolis team in how they can work with the PUBLIQ platform.

Metropolis publishes monthly and distributes information regarding upcoming events, exhibitions and news that also includes Japan’s most events listing. The magazine provides readers with a fun and detailed material about Japan’s culture, art, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for not only locals, but foreigners as well. Its circulation is claimed to be over 40,000.

PUBLIQ is eager to see what the future holds with Metropolis by our side.


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