16-18 of February, 2018

20 February, 2018
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CEO and Co-Founder of PUBLIQ, Gagik Yeghiazarian, took part at Ethereum Denver event, perhaps the largest ever Hackathon+Workshops that hosted over 1300 Ethereum and other blockchain enthusiasts and experts. The mission was to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem: no matter how big or small a project or idea, whether starting infrastructure level projects, building decentralized applications, writing white-papers/documentation/tutorials or even designing info-graphics - everybody was welcomed to take the challenge. It has been three full days block-chained in Denver’s oldest parking building on 1000 North Broadway, where old Fords of 50s were replaced by teenage and bit older hackers & similar “geeks” marching up and down of 6 interlinked floors of crypto buzz and smell.  




“This was not an ordinary “crypto” meeting, rather a real 24/7 hard working crypto-ship charged to take whoever was onboard and those outside steps closer to the new decentralized era.  Ethereum Denver made tremendous effort by turning a dyeing historic monument into a burning         crypto-spacecraft.  One would notice the shining eyes of the volunteer-denveriens that came handing a huge support and making it one of the most efficient events in this space.”



Denver Post


There was no shortage of crypto celebrities and star entities taking one after the many stages to share experiences and knowledge with the charged crowd: making what would make to the history of what comes after internet.   

Gagik held fruitful meetings with many leaders of current blockchain ecosystem, presented and discussed PUBLIQ and its mission with several thought leaders, investors, and potential partners.  Gagik also left his signature on two paintings that he painted together with the art team of the hackathon.

(Gagik’s paintings)


Overall, the event has given confidence with the decisions and advancements made by the PUBLIQ team, and helped better understand the current trends and leading solutions.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.