How to Engage Your Readers and Keep Them Coming Back

10 October, 2018
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Whether you are planning to become a professional, full-time blogger or just starting a blog as a hobby one of your key tasks is to engage your audience and have them come back for more. Now, it may seem challenging, but it is not that much different from socializing in real life. Think about the process of making new friends and how the initial meeting is all about getting to know the person and seeing whether you like that individual or not. After that, it’s about building a lasting connection based on similar interests, regular social interactions, and reliability. That’s how blogging is similar to life. You have to captivate the reader, provide regular content, and remain consistent with your style.

Before thinking about making your readers stay it is necessary to captivate their attention and spark an interest. In order to do that you need to be sure of your blog subject and choose something you are passionate about. In this day and age, there are countless subjects to choose from with some of the most popular being news, politics, technology, fitness, self-help, fashion, cooking, lifestyle, music, cinematography, and many more. Choosing a subject you care about is vital to reader engagement since most people can distinguish between a post written with passion and a bland article.

If you are just starting out consider writing a small introductory post explaining why you are passionate about the subject, what you plan on writing about (i.e. the variety of posts), and the benefits of keeping up with YOUR BLOG in particular. Maybe you enjoy cooking and want to share what you’ve learned or wish to start a self-help blog and grow along with the reader. Or, maybe you are interested in current events and enjoy researching news stories. Whatever you choose, remember to convey a sense of passion and reliability.

As for the writing itself, remember that writing is a craft that gets better with practice. Ask somebody to review your first post before you put it out there and see if you need to work on your writing skills (preferably not a close friend or family member since they are more likely to be biased). There are many ways to improve your writing skills and make your articles more engaging (from classes to reading books, to simply checking out other blogs). We are lucky to live in an era where you can access sites like YouTube with the click of a button and watch countless videos on writing tips for free.

Once you are confident with your subject and writing abilities it is time to create that first post. Speak to the reader as if they were a new friend and introduce them to your content and (in a way) sell yourself. Now, I’m not speaking from a purely commercial perspective, but it is necessary to remember that quality content is also a product. So, it is essential to make your product look unique and desirable compared to the millions of other blogs.

Now, once you have created that amazing first post what’s next? Remember back to what I wrote about posting regularly.? You can’t expect to engage your reader if you do not post on a regular basis. Whether that is every day, every couple of days, or once a week, let your reader see that you have a consistent posting schedule. If you disappear for a long time in real life you are going to lose the connections you make with people even if the first encounter was great. The same is true for blogging. Even if your first post is amazing people aren’t going to come back if you don’t keep them updated. Think of creative new topics and keep up the same enthusiasm that you displayed in your first post. Images and videos also help.

Engaging your readers and keeping them coming back isn’t difficult if you go about it the right way. All you need is a subject you are interested in, quality content, and a regular schedule. Let this guide serve as a starting point but also do your own research along the way. Good luck!

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