PUBLIQ’s Journey Towards Reshaping Media in Japan

04 May, 2018
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On the invitation of our Japanese partner MAIA, PUBLIQ team had strategic meetings with a number of media companies from Japan, that were actively working on blockchain implementation and solutions.  

They were particularly interested in the technical solutions PUBLIQ has for its Main-net and Test-Net implementations, the work of the demo platform, as well as the modified Proof of Stake solution designed by our team, as PUBLIQ continues to drive transformation in Media industry by enabling individuals and organizations to adapt to the ever changing needs of how and where to access, select and generate content.

The event that was organized for MAIA and PUBLIQ specifically, encompassed a short presentation of PUBLIQ concept and its working platform review by  the CEO, CTO and Chief Architect of PUBLIQ. Not only the attendees could learn more about PUBLIQ ecosystem with its unique proprietary blockchain and consensus protocol but also learn more about  its AI capabilities that offer an influence-free reading experience. Representatives of many tech and media companies, as well as several potential investors were present, some of them arriving from other countries for the meeting.  PUBLIQ’s ambassador in Japan, Mr. Kohei Kurihara was also participating as a panelist.

Currently, PUBLIQ is in active dialogue with three leading publishing houses in Japan, including Yomiuri, NHK and Shueisha. In particular joint MAIA and PUBLIQ team had a meeting with Shueisha executive with whom PUBLIQ had earlier met in Berlin during the FIPP 2018 media summit.  The joint teams are now preparing a cooperation proposal that will be presented to the management board of the company later in May.

PUBLIQ team is actively working with the investment community in Japan, following up the preliminary agreements reached during the visit.


PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.