PUBLIQ raises awareness in Japan

28 August, 2017
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Like all technology, Japan has already understood the importance of blockchain and is actively working on implementing different applications throughout the country. Japan has been recognized as a leading player in blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. In fact, the Japanese government has already recognized Bitcoin as a legal mode of payment and currency.

While the hype around blockchain persists around the world, Japan has been initiating several large-scale projects. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has developed a methodology for evaluating such projects and initiatives as well as supporting the most viable and promising ones.

As of now, what Japan predominantly sees in blockchain is its application in the banking and finance industry. Banks have started to build proof of concepts to test blockchain implementations within their processes, and using bitcoins in place of cash and credit. Japan is the country that has the highest acceptance rate of bitcoins and cryptocurrency in common marketplaces. Ticket Camp (Japan’s largest C2C marketplace with 5 million users) has now started accepting bitcoins and so has supermarkets. Bitcoin is expected to be accepted in more than 260,000 stores around Japan by the end of August. However, there are many other applications to blockchain than just to the finance industry.

It is for this reason, Business in Japan, Japan’s largest networking group for English-speaking professionals looking to do business in, with, and/or related to Japan, centered their networking event around blockchain and its applications in different areas. The event’s main purpose was to give the audience a look into blockchain technology and offer to business owners an opportunity to network with, and gain advice and mentorship from blockchain specialists.

Alexandre Tabbakh (CEO, PUBLIQ) started of the night with introductions to Blockchain and by presenting the PUBLIQ ecosystem. He spent the remainder time networking with companies and speaking with business owners. More than 80 people turned up to understand how blockchain can be implemented in the media industry. From small to large businesses, blockchain may become the solution to many problems.

The second important event of the week was “The Rise of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Media Use Cases and Latest Trends”. The workshop was held primarily for those involved in publishing, media, and creative industries demonstrating Japan’s awareness in the different applications of Blockchain. Local blockchain entrepreneurs, bankers, IT professionals, and other blockchain and bitcoin enthusiasts assisted to the event held in G’s academy (a unique incubator dedicated for digital technology at the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya).

PUBLIQ raises awareness in Japan

The event began with a keynote from Alexandre, on the definition of blockchain and its game-changing impact on media. This was followed by two other keynotes and a panel discussion with Matej Michalko (DECENT), Ammar Moussa (Coinbrew) and Alexandre Tabbakh (PUBLIQ). Towards the end of the evening, media use cases were discussed followed by a friendly networking session. A workshop and Q&A panel with a turnout of more than 100 people, the success of the event was evident and during the networking session, attendees were eager to understand more about what PUBLIQ does and Alexandre’s expertise in blockchain, media and fintech.

Japan has been leading in technology and blockchain is no different. With its potential, seeing Japan as the the biggest blockchain hub in the world in the near future wouldn’t be a surprise.

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