PUBLIQ ITO status update

11 December, 2017
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PUBLIQ Foundation announces extension of ITO period until the 15th of February 2018. This gives enough time to all our backers who were not able to make contributions due to the recent developments and issues surrounding the crypto-market to join PUBLIQ. During the past month, most of the major exchanges have encountered significant operational issues most likely due to the high volatility associated with cryptocurrency prices, the recent overloading of Ethereum network, the very high spike in demand, etc. PUBLIQ Foundation acknowledges fast changing global regulatory environments and the need to best protect the interest of its backers, thus intends to use the extended period to also implements necessary steps and structures to best fulfill this goal.

Please note that early backers of PUBLIQ has provided sufficient funding to cover the Foundation’s needs during the extension period. PUBLIQ shall continue meeting its commitments regarding the delivery timeline without changes. All the contributions made to this date shall remain untouched until the completion of the ITO, and the public announcement on the completion of the ITO and its results.

We would like to thank you for your great support and look forward to bringing PUBLIQ live!

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