PUBLIQ Participates in Digital Content Expo in Berlin

17 October, 2018
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PUBLIQ co-founder and CEO Gagik Yeghiazarian was in Berlin for the Digital Content Expo to discuss PUBLIQ’s vision for a new media. He participated in a panel discussion held on the main stage of the expo, with Vivian Schiller, CEO at Civil Media Foundation, another decentralized blockchain based platform which seeks to build a community of trusted global newsrooms. The discussion was moderated by Walid Al Saqaf, Senior Lecturer at Södertörn University and focused on implementing the idea of a distributed media ecosystem utilizing blockchain technologies.

The event started with both Mr. Yeghiazarian and Ms. Schiller going over their respective platforms.

Gagik outlined PUBLIQ’s goal to offer complete decentralized ownership based on lifetime reputation of participants of PUBLIQ network, and a trusted environment where any media enterprising could take place with the help of blockchain, AI and other technologies. He further elaborated that this could reinstate the public’s long lost trust in an increasingly biased and unfair media environment. 


Then it was continued on to a Q&A style panel discussion with both the moderator and the audience.

“There are not that many blockchain projects that address real-life situations,” said Gagik, when asked about proprietary blockchain built by PUBLIQ, “and we already have a working platform.”

“One aspect of it is trying to make sure that no matter how big a stake anyone has in the network, he will not be able to control it. So our own architecture suggests and supports this notion,” Mr. Yeghiazarian elaborated, highlighting PUBLIQ’s objective of complete decentralization.

When an audience member asked if PUBLIQ and Civil could potentially be competitors, Vivian Schiller replied: “I don’t see us as competing, I see us as actually very complimentary, and we have the exact same goals.”

Though there are differences in the approach, both Mr. Yeghiazarian and Ms. Schiller stressed that their goal of a decentralized media and journalism ecosystem makes them very much compatible and capable of cooperation.

DCX is an international event with hundreds of speakers, exhibitors, and over 5,000 visitors organized by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. In September, PUBLIQ was also featured as a case study alongside Civil in a WAN-IFRA report called Blockchain and the Future of News detailing how blockchain can be used to change news publishing forever.

PUBLIQ has joined WAN-IFRA this month.

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