Use Cases

1. Sameer - Journalist joining PUBLIQ

Sameer has just graduated from Google’s journalism school in Africa wanting to pursue a journalist career. The Media in his country is under the control of the government and powerful oligopolies. He knows that working for them would mean censorship and victimization of a profoundly sick environment. Sameers' aspiration is to write about relevant but, controversial issues from his home region. To do so, it would require him to find a way to preserve his anonymity.

Then Sameer discovers PUBLIQ, a new media ecosystem that enables him to pursue his aspiration of becoming a critical independent journalist. PUBLIQ introduces a blockchain powered infrastructure that guarantees the protection of identity as well as intellectual property rights. He further learns that PUBLIQ guarantees merit-based regular reward payments and that it redistributes all the revenue generated by its community back to the members, and especially to authors. To him, this looks like a compelling solution, he decides to give it a try.

Under an alias, protecting his identity, he publishes his first article about day-to-day issues in his country. Within the next few days, his article gets published by a reputable independent channel specialized in democracy and social justice followed by other circuits and publishers. Sameer realizes that his article has been read by 9350 users, and reposted by 10% of them. By viewing his private PUBLIQ wallet he finds that he not only gained a considerable reputation within the PUBLIQ network (PUBLIQ-score) but also earned 3420.18090763 PBQs – internal tokens within the PUBLIQ network that can be exchanged and traded to fiat currencies.

Encouraged by his success and to keep the momentum going, Sameer publishes his second article on PUBLIQ. Being broadcasted by well-known publishers, Sameer’s reputation is promoted within the network and beyond – his authentic voice is heard and most of all his identity protected, while his readership is growing, the PBQ balance in his account is too.

2. New Voice - establishing a PUBLIQ Channel

A group of students, newly graduated from Stanford’s Master programme in Political Science, have decided to create the new online publishing house “New Voice” to address human rights issues around the globe. They are in search to find talented journalists to join this new venture. Cooperating with journalists from different regions throughout the world allows the sustainability of their regional expertise, and support the communities in areas of strict governmental censorship.

While searching ways to find suitable journalists, one of New Voice’s founders came across the new media ecosystem PUBLIQ: It offers uncensored content from independent authors all around the world through a blockchain-based infrastructure that secures intellectual property and protects authors’ identities. Attracted by this opportunity, they decided to register a channel with the network.

Now PUBLIQ provides them a list of top-rated journalists focusing, for instance, on human rights issues in the regions they are targeting. Suitable candidates are linked efficiently to New Voice which publishes one of their articles without any upfront payment. New Voice receives immediately considerable readership part of which comes with the authors they have chosen, as they already have maintained their reputation and followers. A wallet, that PUBLIQ assigns to New Voice’s channel, collects the inflowing PBQs – internal tokens that can be exchanged and traded to fiat currencies. PBQs are received through the traffic generated and the advertisements consensually placed in the broadcasted articles which are later on distributed to publishers as well as authors.

New Voice has found the right authors on the right topics as well as advertisements that match their ethical and professional standards. Within a few month, New Voice has become a reputable publisher among readers, political research organizations that deal with human rights issues and is able to sustain itself from the advertising revenue and the side activities created with the help of PUBLIQ’s merit-based mechanism. However, the founders have achieved much more with their New Voice channel on PUBLIQ: They have contributed to help and strengthen journalist communities by increasing awareness around their independent and quality works and, ultimately, their PUBLIQ rewards.

3. Ekia - Advertising project on PUBLIQ

Ekia, a global clothing company that strives to improve its reputation among millennials is making advertisements associated with ecological sustainability and fair trade. In their search for optimized placements, Ekia discovers the new PUBLIQ media platform that offers a simple-to-use interest-free ad-engine for customized advertising.

Attracted by the offering, Ekia’s marketing team decides to form a pilot campaign. With PUBLIQ’s AI-assistance, it helps them to find the ideal customers to deliver their ads – such as readers of eco-friendly initiatives, millennials located in determined regions. After Ekia acquires PBQs, PUBLIQ’s internal tokens, through an easy exchange tool provided by PUBLIQ Foundation, a contract is sealed and the advertisement is delivered to the specific users. The clever AI-assistant not only optimizes the ad placement but also updates Ekia on the performance of their ads to accurately inform the marketing team about the statistics and results.

Besides the effectiveness and the easiness of PUBLIQ’s customized ad-engine, the marketing team is captivated by PUBLIQ’s game-changing approach. To redistribute advertising revenue primarily to channels, especially authors according to their reputation gained in the media platform. Throughout its campaign in PUBLIQ, Ekia could optimize its sales and profits but also allows channels and authors to receive the fair share they deserve and worked for.