Representing PUBLIQ live at the IRISH POST AWARDS 2018

19 December, 2018
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Who said that fun & work cannot be combined? The IRISH POST Awards is a MAJOR, with a big M, annual event in the media world and hence was broadcasted LIVE on Irish television. James Nesbitt, Chris De Burgh were among the stars set to be honored, although the show was definitely stolen by 83-year-old Nora Higgins. Norah not only completed a death-defying skydive that raised important funds for Irish pensioners, but when asked to end her speech by Eamonn Holmes, the presenter, she replied: 'last time you did not get fired? [No?]'. Eamonn Holmes concluding that from now on everything was possible! And de facto The Script, with the remarkable Danny O'Donoghue, continued singing after the show had officially ended! The Irish spirit, or should I say the Irish free spirit. The event had a charitable dimension and much money was given for various good causes pertaining to the Irish community in the UK. Sponsors were many on the main screen and perhaps PUBLIQ could next year be among them! For now and till then hail to Ireland! And the grand Irish nation!

Written by Christian de Vartavan 

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