27 September, 2018
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The German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) otherwise known as GIZ, advises since over fifty years the German Government and in particular the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It also advises European Union institutions, the United Nations, as well as the private sector and governments of other countries. 

GIZ organised last Monday 24th of September from 18.00 a meeting in its GIZ Hause (Berlin) and invited our global ambassador & advisor Dr. Christian de Vartavan to present PUBLIQ and participate to a debate entitled ‘Blockchain & Democracy’ initiated by Franz von Weizsäcker, Head of GIZ’s Blockchain Lab. and moderated by Salomé Eggler, Blockchain Governance Expert in the same lab.

Mr von Weizsäcker, in his introductory speech, presented a chart of a 130 innovative companies and, to the good surprise of our ambassador, revealed that the three companies participating in the debate, including PUBLIQ, has been selected from the list because of the superior quality and potential of their projects.

Dr. de Vartavan explained to the attendees, including representatives of the Bundeskanzleramt and Bundestag, or the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, the philosophy behind the PUBLIQ project and the benefits to immediately come onboard PUBLIQ’s Testnet platform. His presentation, was received with a spontaneous applaud.  

The debate then proceeded during two hours during which the two speakers (one could not make it) answered questions covering an extremely wide range of topics; from freedom of expression for journalists to governmental uses of blockchain within the context of democracy or referendums, from fraud to quantum computing and cyber security, from the use of blockchain in society to its limitations with private data management, GDPR or European law. The meeting ended, participants gathered around a cocktail to further discuss the topics of the debate.

PUBLIQ offers a unique ecosystem for creators and journalists in particular. Register on the Testnet platform and test it for yourself by uploading your articles for immediate reward. 

One criteria for GIZ to select PUBLIQ is that its platforms actually works, unlike promised by many current blockchain projects in elaboration. beta is live. You can now start uploading content and growing your audience on PUBLIQ test platform. Be the first to own it!

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.