PUBLIQ enriches students’ expertise in media innovations at the Hong-Kong University

24 September, 2017
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On the 23rd of September, at the Hong Kong University, PUBLIQ held a 2-hour lecture with MBA students about the revolutionary blockchain technology. Alexandre Tabbakh, the CEO of PUBLIQ, introduced the algorithm of work of the blockchain system, bitcoin, fintech, and altcoins technologies. The purpose of the presentation was to update the students on the latest developments in the blockchain technology.

Future professionals had an opportunity to observe one of the most promising digital and media inventions. Alexandre explained that blockchain solves the problem of identity, security, and interoperability, as well as the problem of transparency and wealth generation without mediators. Also, the subjects discussed in the lecture included Bitcoin as a digital payment system that operates without central administration and fintech as a technology that competes with existing financial services. The following topics were addressed as alternatives to the digital currency bitcoin – Altcoins – and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as an advanced altcoin.

Moreover, Alexandre introduced PUBLIQ as the New Media that is going to reshape the existing media industry. He explained the great potential of PUBLIQ through its censorship-free generation, selection, and assessment of the content.  Alexandre explained that PUBLIQ, with its progressive game-changing technology, has become increasingly useful and needed in the era of New Media. The CEO of PUBLIQ talked about the problems the media is solving by creating a transparent and fair mechanism of reputation assessment and reward distribution.

The lecture raised a high interest in the audience and numerous questions from MBA students. Future professionals had a fruitful Q&A session with Alexandre, where they asked interesting questions about the blockchain, bitcoin, altcoin technologies, and about PUBLIQ as the new word in the media industry.

Furthermore, Hong Kong University students had the opportunity to learn about PUBLIQ and its innovative mechanism of work. Alexandre`s catchall talk proved once more the importance of communicating and raising awareness for PUBLIQ among the young generations.

PUBLIQ indeed is a new, unprecedented advanced solution for authors, readers, investors, broadcasters, advertisers, and many others. Its ecosystem removes the reliance on the central system between communicating parties. Thanks to PUBLIQ, parties can approach directly to each other within the healthy ecosystem. 

This lecture and the lively Q&A demonstrated that Hong Kong youth understands the significance of the new technologies and foresees its impact on the society and economics in the future. You can learn how PUBLIQ builds strong ties with the blockchain community of China here.

This presentation was a part of the series of academic lectures that PUBLIQ often gives to students. Please, follow our website to find out about our next events and subscribe for more updates below.

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