PUBLIQ at 256 Talks

18 December, 2018
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PUBLIQ Co-Founder and CINO Arman Aleksanian introduced PUBLIQ at this year’s 256 Talks event hosted by 256 Hub. The latter is the first project of 256 Foundation which aims to make better IT sphere in Armenia.

Over 80 representatives of the IT community in Armenia were invited or requested to join on 15 December 2018 to participate in the event. 256 Talks discussed 8 interesting topics by leading specialists of IT community in Armenia conducted in an interactive way. Coding competitions were held, and logical and entertaining games such as decodics, chess, etc, were available to the participants.

Aleksanian was one of the speakers present at the 256 Talks event. Created to come up with solutions for convenient, direct, and secure exchange of digital content globally, he presented PUBLIQ as the potential model and protocol for the media of the future. PUBLIQ provides a sustainable environment for censorship free expression and enterprising, protects identity and intellectual property rights. It is founded on a blockchain distributed ecosystem which is owned, governed and operated by a global independent community.

As a proud member of the IT community, PUBLIQ aims to create a platform for global wealth distribution.

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