PUBLIQ among ten UK Parliament APPG-Blockchain Group showcase contest finalists!

21 March, 2019
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On March 11th, 2019, UK Parliament APPG-Blockchain Group and the Big Innovation Centre announced on Linkedin and the website of the latter the names of the ten ‘companies’ which have been selected for the APPG-Blockchain showcase.

We were more than delighted and even thrilled to see confirmed that PUBLIQ was among them and even more so to learn that it was the only contestant selected in the ‘media’ category. The selection is a public endorsement of the full functionality of PUBLIQ’s platform as this was the stringent selective criteria for selection. This selection identifies PUBLIQ as one of the best blockchain technology and solution provider in the United Kingdom something which will certainly be noted by many, in the country or abroad. Particularly as among the winners are to be found Bitfury, one of the largest blockchain companies in the world and Farmatrust.

With the announcement was released for each company a small film in two parts. The first part during which a representative of each selected entity presents its platform and thereafter a short video demonstrating its full functionality. The presentation was filmed at the Big Innovation Centres headquarter in Westminster and where PUBLIQ is concerned with its Global Ambassador Dr. Christian de Vartavan. The presentation may be seen here:

The showcase itself took place on the 19th of March 2019, in Parliament in the presence of Margot James, Minister for the Digital and Creative Industry, Damien Moore Mp, Chairman of the APPG-Blockchain and Prof. Birgit Andersen, Head of the Big Innovation Centre. Dr. de Vartavan represented PUBLIQ alongside the nine other contenders as well as four major players, Lloyds Insurance, Oracle, IOTA and Everledger. The latters presented live their blockchain and their application in blockchain technology and its impact in different industries. Thereafter a one minute challenge involving all fourteen companies took place allowing each representative to line up and present the application of their respective companies or foundations in a strict sixty seconds time lap to lords, members of parliaments and the numerous members of the audience.

Dr de Vartavan called on the government to endorse the PUBLIQ foundation and support it by enhancing awareness about its mission and the platform, so as to incentivize creators to come onboard, henceforth stimulating the creative industries as well as the economy because  providing those who need it most in these uncertain times a new way to be remunerated.

PUBLIQ with its unique platform allowing creators to be instantly rewarded and its aim to fight fake news, is now markingly taking its place as a major player of the blockchain industry, with major publishing medias now coming onboard through their own dedicated and self remunerating channels.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.