Prominent Japanese Tech Mogul Joins PUBLIQ Team

28 December, 2018
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PUBLIQ is happy to announce that Mr. Takafumi Horie has joined PUBLIQ as our first patron and supporter in Japan. Mr. Horie will bring his vast expertise and great network to help us advance our vision in every domain: needless to say, he will be one of the most influential authors contributing to and shaping PUBLIQ media ecosystem.


The cooperation between PUBLIQ and Mr. Horie started several months ago: our team has met with him and his partners several times, both in Tokyo and in Armenia. This summer, Mr. Horie visited Armenia and took a look at the growing IT sector, visiting several technology companies already known to the world, including the PUBLIQ offices as well as the local Tumo center.


Mr. Horie is a veteran in the field of technology. He has been active in various projects in his homeland of Japan for decades, both within the internet technology domain and outside of it. He has been involved in several projects since the mid-90s when he began working on Livedoor, which would grow to become one of the most prominent internet portals in Japan.

His experience also includes businesses in the entertainment industry and even space technology with his Interstellar Technologies company, founded in 2005. He is often referred to as Japan’s rocketman, or its Elon Musk.

Needless to say, Mr. Horie is an ambitious and eccentric figure, one who will definitely bring the kind of energy we need as our first ever patron. This is a cooperation that PUBLIQ assures to be beneficial and productive for both parties.

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