Powering the People: Strengthening Democracy and Restoring Rights - MindshareLA

11 March, 2019
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MindshareLA made had its triumphant relaunch in an event titled Powering the People: Strengthening Democracy and Restoring Rights that featured compelling talks by a legendary hacker who works to expose government and corporate abuses, a civil society technologist, and an LA mayoral candidate who ran on a platform of love!  This was all followed by entertainment involving the worlds of immersive media, clowns, and robotics during which the crowd excitedly discussed the ideas of the evening and there was a palpable buzz in the air! It was a true blessing to have connected with PUBLIQ whose CEO shared his values and solutions to the problems facing the world’s media with the MindshareLA community while making the event possible through its sponsorship.

I even came up with a novel and scalable use case for PUBLIQ to help charities in that I took a photo of the dire situation in LA’s Skid Row and uploaded it to PUBLIQ’s platform telling the crowd of 250+ that I would donate all the revenue from the photo earns when the next Mindshare happens to the Union Rescue Mission that works to help homeless people in Downtown LA.

It’s profoundly exciting to see a revitalized MindshareLA back with a tremendous community of people who were there from the beginning as well as many faces who were new to MindshareLA’s magic!

I was particularly touched to see the inventive problem-solving moral nature of PUBLIQ mix with the solutions-oriented ethos of the MindshareLA crowd as they conversed and took the sparks that were ignited out into the world at the end of the night.

Click to see the rest of the photos here.

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