PUBLIQ participates at Drupal Europe 2018 in Germany

20 September, 2018
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Co-founder and CEO Gagik Yeghiazarian, and Advisor and Global Ambassador Christian de Vartavan of PUBLIQ accepted the invitation from the community of Drupal Europe and shared their vision and PUBLIQ concept during the main Drupal event held in Darmstadt: the focus of PUBLIQ’s presentation was on blockchain implementation in building an ecosystem of trust for media of the future, presenting working solutions for content creators and publishers.  

Drupal’s has extensively promoted PUBLIQ’s participation, summarizing the presentation with a quote from Gagik: “The publishing world is changing. Publishers no longer solely control media distribution. Big players like Facebook and Google are middlemen between the publishers and their readers… Additionally, publishers have lost money making classifieds business as employment and real estate markets create their own platforms and portals to reach the audience.  Blockchain infrastructure allows content creators, readers and other participants to build a trusted relationship.”

Gagik has shared a news about plans of cooperation with Drupal.  PUBLIQ is integrating a special Drupal Module to enable direct posting of content by publishers using Drupal. Publishers will benefit from strengths of both ecosystems: powerful CMS platform of Drupal to create and distribute content, and PUBLIQ ecosystem to gain new audiences and monetize their content and activity.

In particular, publishers using Drupal will:

  • Have a PUBLIQ wallet without leaving Drupal CMS platform.

  • Monetize on existing content that may also be published on PUBLIQ.

  • Have merit based ownership and stake.

  • Gain a lifetime reputation.

  • Access to technology and governance solutions to rebuild trust, to fight fake news and other unethical content.

  • Offer fair rewards to its authors.

  • Gain access to emerging crypto-economy.

PUBLIQ will also integrate with other well-known CMS platforms to provide flexibility and convenience for all publishers and content creators.  

There was big interest among event participants who engaged in considerable exchange of questions and ideas during the presentation, and many stayed to ask further questions and engage in discussion around the concepts presented by Gagik and Christian.  

Furthermore, Gagik participated on blockchain panel discussion held on the main stage of the event, where he, Ingo Rübe of Botlabs, and Taco Potze of Open Social, shared insights and use cases for blockchain technology.  They each brought their view on the power of blockchain technologies in reshaping and disrupting traditional industries and economies, in helping shift the power to people.

To find out more about Gagik’s session click here. beta is live. You can now start uploading content and growing your audience on PUBLIQ test platform. Be the first to own it!

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.