Inspiring Blockchain Disruptors in Malaysia

18 August, 2017
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Malaysia and blockchain have a relationship that does not go way back. In fact, the Malaysia Industry Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) only really started to develop and support the blockchain industry a year ago in 2016 and despite its young age, Malaysia is quickly gaining attraction for large companies and young startups.

The question that most people have is how did Blockchain gain popularity in Malaysia? Their desire to innovate and grow is undeniable, but what many believe kickstarted the initiative was a cyberscare. Indeed the WannaCry Debacle managed to hit 100 countries in a spam of 48 hours making it the largest ever cybercrime recorded of its kind.

While blockchain and the cybersecurity are not exactly the same, there is quite a bit of overlap and to educate Malaysians on this, MiGHT partnered with a local non-profit organization, Bloktek, to create the first Blockchain conference in Malaysia. Mastura Ishak, the program director of MiGHT, says that he wants to educate the millennials of Malaysia on this matter because he believes that blockchain will provide the much needed security in the cyber world.

PUBLIQ wholeheartedly agrees and that is why Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ, was very excited to be one of the guest speakers at the Blockchain Disruptors event on the 16th of August in Malaysia, at the “MaGIC” innovation center of Kuala Lumpur.

Inspiring Blockchain Disruptors in Malaysia

Blockchain Disruptors is an event aimed at sharing the potential of blockchain outside the finance industry. The conference was held at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MaGIC), a venue that aims to catalyse creativity and innovation for the benefit of the country. MaGIC is located in CyberJaya which is a town with a science park as the core that forms a key part of the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia. The location was fitting with the agenda of the event and with a 300 people turnout, the conference started off with keynotes on four main topics:

  1. Blockchain Technology and its Applications,
  2. Reshaping the Media Industry using Blockchain,
  3. Decentralised Content Distribution using Blockchain and
  4. Opportunities in the Blockchain Space in Malaysia,

The success of the turnout event meant that it was broadcasted live in Malaysian Innovation Centers and gained nationwide interest. Rene Bernard (CEO LuxTag), Alexandre Tabbakh (CEO PUBLIQ), Suraya Zainudin (Vice President Access Blockchain Association, Malaysia), and Matej Michalko (CEO DECENT) took it upon themselves to take the audience on a ride of technology, originality and security for the duration of the conference.

Inspiring Blockchain Disruptors in Malaysia

The keynotes were followed by a panel discussion where the the floor was open to questions from the audience. The variation of backgrounds in the crowd (technology, finance, banking, and media) meant that curiosity levels were high and lots of questions were raised.

The questions were answered and one things was made certain: blockchain is the future not just for one industry or country, but for several industries and jurisdictions. It is time to bring this opportunity forward and find the right problem for the solution to address.

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