PUBLIQ Initialnet

PUBLIQ Initial Network and PBQ utility tokens are live. The blockchain network serves as the foundation on which PUBLIQ is building the distributed media ecosystem.

  • PUBLIQ Initial Network
  • PBQ Web Wallet
  • Blockchain Explorer

PUBLIQ Initial Network

All full PUBLIQ nodes may provide transaction and block validation services, as well as exchange relevant information between the nodes. No rewards other than transaction fees are envisaged for servicing the initial network. 

Source code on GitHub

PBQ Web Wallet

PUBLIQ Web Wallet allows sending and receiving PBQs and monitoring the PBQ balance. PUBLIQ Web Wallet does not store either private or public keys for you. Please be aware that you bear responsibility for your security.

Blockchain Explorer

PUBLIQ Blockchain Explorer provides detailed information about blocks, addresses, and transactions. It allows searching for a transaction and payments in PUBLIQ blockchain.

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