HKU Masters meet PUBLIQ Foundation

12 December, 2017
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For the second time since September, PUBLIQ Foundation through the voice of its CEO, Alexandre Tabbakh has given a lecture at the Hong Kong University.

A 2-hour lecture about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the presentation of the PUBLIQ ecosystem was performed for the Master students of HKU. The session was very active especially knowing how active crypto daily coverage are now on mainstream financial media with the recent democratisation and spike of interest in cryptocurrencies. The emphasis was however made on the true revolution represented by the Blockchain technology itself and the disruptive impact it is going to have in myriad of industries.

Hong Kong is a popular domicile for ICOs, therefore Alexandre shared the best practices behind token sales to be implemented and closely monitored. Among these best practices, the governance mechanism, the token economics and the essential inherent transparency to maintain were mentioned.

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