Getting Started on PUBLIQ

26 March, 2019
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Now that PUBLIQ is in its final test stage, everyone is encouraged to join the one of a kind media platform. In case you aren’t familiar with the platform or don’t know how to get started, here’s a quick rundown on the platform and the registration procedure.

PUBLIQ is a media platform that looks to break the rules of traditional media and give the power back to authors and readers. The PUBLIQ platform runs entirely on authors and users who help increase their reputability by liking and sharing their content. On PUBLIQ, the power is in the hands of the authors and their readers, eliminating institutional bias from the equation and giving authors the power to write freely about whatever they want.

Joining PUBLIQ is quick and easy and users can utilize one of countless functions they have at their disposal. You can join PUBLIQ by going to and signing up under “Authors & Bloggers.” Once your registration process is complete, you’re ready to like, share, and post your articles on the PUBLIQ platform. You’re free to browse the homepage and take a look at the articles. As a reader, the ecosystem depends on you liking or sharing the good and reputable articles while disliking the so called “fake news” if you come across any. This will help the good authors get recognition and nurture an environment of credible content.

Authors can also utilize the seamless CMS platform to post their content. Writing an article and integrating images or videos into it is a fluid and intuitive experience on PUBLIQ, which gives authors all the functions they need to create a good story in the most convenient manner possible. Any articles you post will then be viewed, liked, and shared, helping build your reputation.

The Publications feature allows authors to organize their stories based on shared themes or topics. Publications allow authors to categorize their stories accordingly and allows readers to follow the stories they’re interested in most. Authors can also invite other authors and editors to contribute to their Publications to utilize the function to its fullest, creating a shared space for content creators to contribute to. All these features help all users get the most out of the PUBLIQ media platform.

Everyone is welcome to join the PUBLIQ family so sign up and help create a reputable media environment today!

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.