A step closer to the future of ICO: PUBLIQ is on stage in Austria

03 October, 2017
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PUBLIQ continues to drive transformation in Media industry by enabling individuals and organizations to adapt to the ever changing needs of how and where to access, select and generate content.

Throughout the journey of reshaping media, PUBLIQ has been successfully introduced in Japan, Malaysia, China, USA and elsewhere all over the globe.

On “The Rise of ICO” event in Linz, Austria, Alexandre Tabbakh, the CEO of PUBLIQ, presented the vision of distributed media ecosystem and provided a roadmap for understanding and making decisions using blockchain and AI technologies.

A step closer to the future of ICO: PUBLIQ is on stage in Austria

The outline of the event encompassed a short review of facts and figures of the crypto capital, followed by keynote talks about ICO, TGE and ITO. More interactive part of the event incorporated several panel discussions, pitching sessions and presentations of topics ranging from legal and safety issues to price patterns and the outlook of ICOs.

No doubt the event was of a great importance where PUBLIQ had a big success, as during the networking session the participants had a chance to dive deeper into the project’s global vision and detailed clarification from Alexander.

For PUBLIQ the next stop is Shanghai, China where Alexander speaks at “Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2017” on October 26th, 2017.

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