PUBLIQ Foundation at the heart of the “Dialogue of Cultures” in Russia

23 November, 2017
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The XII Annual International Media-Forum of journalists of Eurasia «Dialogue of Cultures» took place from 21st to 23rd of November in Saint-Petersburg.

The Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures» from year to year is becoming an important platform for intercommunication between the representatives of Media from different countries. More than 400 journalists from 35 countries and 60 regions of Russia took part in the «Dialogue of Cultures». Young correspondents, film-crews of TV-companies, photographers, editors and media-experts participated in the Media-Forum. The location of the event − the State Hermitage museum – was not chosen not by chance. Dialogue between different countries and nations have already being lead for more than 2,5 centuries.

PUBLIQ Foundation was represented by Alexandre Tabbakh its CEO, and Harutyun Pogosyan, co-founder. Alexandre made a keynote speech to introduce the PUBLIQ ecosystem and its unique implementation of blockchain into the media industry. Part of the keynote was also dedicated to a simple explanation and demystification of the blockchain technology and the disruptive impact it is already having and will have in the way we transact and exchange information or assets. The keynote was followed by a very active Q&A that emphasized on the specificities of the PUBLIQ community that helps to tackle the spread of fake news, as well as the important decentralization aspect of the PUBLIQ infrastructure.

PUBLIQ Foundation was able to generate a significant interest. Different journalists from Russia to Bulgaria and Italy interviewed Alexandre Tabbakh and Harutyun Pogosyan about PUBLIQ. More details and timelines about the ITO and the upcoming deliveries were mentioned as well as more thorough explanations about the economic model PUBLIQ implements and how it intends to reshape the media industry.

The PUBLIQ team also had the honor to present and discuss about the Freedom of Media and PUBLIQ Foundation with Harlem Desir, the previous Secretary of State for European Affairs in France and, current Representative on Freedom of Media by the Organization or Security and Cooperation in Europe. The discussion was interesting and fruitful especially knowing that the keynote made by Harlem Desir was encouraging digitization of media as well as the construction of mechanisms to combat the rise of fake news on the web.

The congress gave an excellent opportunity for PUBLIQ to reach a wider audience of journalists and other media participants that are unanimously acknowledging how powerful the PUBLIQ economic model will become in the future and how it is going to encourage others to rethink their current ecosystems. PUBLIQ will be speaking up in Hong Kong University on the 8th of December for its next representation. Please stay tuned for other exciting news!

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