PUBLIQ harnesses the power of blockchain to introduce an independent, fair and highly secure ecosystem defining the new generation of media. PUBLIQ has six beneficiary groups holding various stakes and roles in the ecosystem.

  • Authors
  • Readers
  • Advertisers
  • Channels
  • Nodes
  • Seeders


PUBLIQ places authors at the center of the publishing and digital media industry by offering them an efficient and reliable ecosystem to interact and thrive in. Authors have hence access to a free, secure and censorship resistant platform where they can upload their writings, protect them adequately within the latest blockchain architecture and have them thereafter safely distributed.

Authors’ identities as well as IP rights are automatically sealed and safeguarded.

Intermediaries or traditional publishing house’s control, who used to dominate the author in his or her work, are removed from the chain of creation and distribution. Whereas PUBLIQ’s instant rewarding process encourages and incentivizes authors to share their talents with the world. Rewards are hence assigned on a daily basis to authors depending of their PUBLIQ Score, i.e. a reputation-scoring system exclusively shaped from the readers’ feedback. This unique evaluation system is allowing authors to be more fairly rewarded, as well as praised or celebrated for their good work.


Readers, and their understanding of what’s happening in our societies, have since long been exposed to the deteriorating standards of the media and its massive flow of poor, fake or alternative information.

Information wants to be free! said Stewart Brand in 1984.

PUBLIQ fully agrees with this statement. However in order to make sure that information is free and relevant, we implement a smart reward and incentivisation mechanism to encourage authors to post contents which will be assessed by readers. Within the PUBLIQ ecosystem readers remain the soles “thought leaders” and “auditors”, helping to sustain a democratized rewarding ecosystem. PUBLIQ remains committed to give access to censorship free information from everywhere around the globe.


PUBLIQ offers advertisers the possibility to post their ads in the ecosystem using PBQ tokens. PUBLIQ implements an intermediation free experience allowing advertisers to directly sponsor the PUBLIQ ecosystem. The entire revenue made from advertisements is fully redistributed to the community through the reward mechanism. The PUBLIQ smart contract engine enables the distribution of the advertising revenue among ecosystem participants: Authors (according to PUBLIQ Score), as well as seeders for their participation. PUBLIQ uses an AI algorithm to achieve an accurate advertisement placement to the best matching articles and channels. Advertisers are granted direct and frictionless access to place their ads. Advertising represents the main source of revenue for the PUBLIQ ecosystem. A subscription model is available for readers who wish to receive ad free content and to contribute in sustaining the PUBLIQ Foundation.


The channels are the principal partners of PUBLIQ in content distribution and promotion. They cannot censor articles but have the right to decide what type of content they wish to make available for their readers. Filtering features (by topics, dates, number of likes and other parameters) are also available for channels to facilitate their choices. Channels also have the possibility to rely on the PUBLIQ ecosystem to create their own account and post articles. Indeed PUBLIQ does not want to exclude any party from being able to express themselves.


By providing services of the validator, nodes mine new PBQs according to their stake in PUBLIQ and in sequence that is determined by a modified Proof-of-Stake mechanism.  Nodes are are remunerated with a significant quantity of the mined tokens for their service. Anyone can potentially become a node as long as s/he has stakes in PUBLIQ.


PUBLIQ enables distributed storage of the content through a network of independent Seeders. Seeders can use their computing capacity to seed the encrypted content and get rewarded with PBQ.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.