Blockchain R&D Hub and PUBLIQ will collaborate to build the future of media

09 June, 2017
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Blockchain is a solution looking for a problem.

Microsoft, IBM, and many other significant participants have announced that they are working on building solutions based on blockchain technologies. With blockchain, we can imagine a world where contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in distributed transparent databases, protected from tampering, revision and deletion.

Blockchain R&D Hub and PUBLIQ are going to cooperate to create solutions that enable direct, convenient and secure publishing of digital content. The mission is to overcome the dangerous overcentralization that exists on a market where unfair remunerations, poor customer experience, and absence of wealth redistribution are common practices. The current model is controlled by a few intermediaries who unilaterally dictate the rules and decide what deserves to be published and read.

The PUBLIQ team and the R&D Hub are working closely to develop an efficient blockchain-powered infrastructure that enables censorship free generation, selection and assessment of content. PUBLIQ is also introducing a mechanism that fairly redistribute the wealth generated among the network participants depending of their reputation and participation to the network. The cooperation will allow to create solutions that will reshape the way we interact and express ourselves.

Please stay tuned for more exciting news next week, the PUBLIQ team will be sharing its vision in Bratislava and New York.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.