Spreading awareness in Japan: PUBLIQ is on stage in Tokyo!

21 一月, 2018
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Throughout the journey of Media transformation, PUBLIQ has been successfully introduced in the USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Austria, Germany and elsewhere.

On 20th of January Kouhei Kurihara, our Japan ambassador at PUBLIQ participated in “#2 Next-generation blockchain tech projects meetup” in ASOBIMO Conference Hall, Tokyo. He presented the vision of distributed media ecosystem and provided a roadmap for understanding and making decisions using blockchain and AI technologies.

The session also featured popular topics and key considerations of blockchain technology, legal issues, token models, regulations, business model and more.

No doubt the event was of a great importance for PUBLIQ in order to keep raising awareness and maintain a close relationship with the Japanese blockchain scene, as during the networking session the participants had a chance to dive deeper into the project’s global vision and detailed clarification from Kouhei.

The next stop will be Vietnam, where Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ speaks at “Vietnam Blockchain Week 2018” on March 07.

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