So how do I actually contribute to PUBLIQ?

25 十一月, 2017
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For a system that promises to save the world from corruption, wealth inequality and global warming, among other more trivial problems, Blockchain can be fairly impenetrable for those of you who are not so technical.

A bit like when the Internet was young in the 1990s and you needed to have a degree in Computer Science to make a basic website, now in the Blockchain revolution of the 2010s it seems that anyone who actually has any Bitcoins is a computer expert and had some hand in building the technology in the first place.

For those who are nodding so far, there’s good news.

And that good news is that Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies and platforms that it supports are becoming less impenetrable. Just as the Internet evolved to become more user-friendly, so Blockchain technologies and products are becoming easier to access.

The bad news is that this process is not happening overnight. So, while we wait for things to get more accessible for the average folk in the street, you really need to gain a bit of technical know-how in order to get involved now.

So, you’ve read about what PUBLIQ is doing. You like that someone is finally trying to tackle the global disease of fake news. And you want to contribute. Now, like anything else built on Blockchain, you can’t just log in, enter your credit card details and get your PBQ.

The process, simplified.

So here is PUBLIQ’s simple guide on how to contribute. This is what you can do to contribute to PUBLIQ by getting PBQ tokens. And you can follow a similar blueprint for buying any other cryptocurrencies that interest you.

First, you need some cryptocurrency. PUBLIQ, and most other Blockchain platforms, accept Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is because they are the most established and easiest to acquire. Once you have this, then it’s easy to exchange it for the cryptocurrency or tokens you are after. In this case, PBQ. Since you are getting BTC or ETH as an intermediary step, the fluctuations should not affect it that much. But to be safer, do not wait long between getting your Bitcoins or Ether and exchanging them for PBQ.

If you go for Bitcoins, it’s more likely to be a fraction of a Bitcoin. Don’t be scared by the stories of out of control Bitcoin bubbles, where the price is going to hit $10,000 by the New Year. It may well do, but you only need to buy a fraction of a Bitcoin for what you need (unless you really do want more than $10,000 worth).

Before you get those Bitcoins, you need somewhere to put them. For that you need a Bitcoin wallet. There are various places where you can get a wallet. is a well-established site, but feel free to get searching for alternatives.

Follow the directions and you’ll have your wallet in no time at all. Then it is important to maximise the security before you start trading. On, that step is very straightforward. Wherever your wallet is, make sure it is safe first.

To get actual BTC or ETH into your shiny new (invisible) wallet, you now need a broker. Put simply, that’s just somewhere that you can exchange fiat (traditional currencies) for cryptocurrency - a cyber Bureau de Change where new and old money meet. Coinify, Coinbase and Bitpanda are all simple and easy, but once again, you’ve got a whole host of possibilities.

Now you can get PBQ and contribute to PUBLIQ’s dream of fair media for the future.

Once you have your wallet you will have an address for each cryptocurrency or token. So it is simply a case of sending BTC or ETH to someone else, or receiving it to your address. In the case of contributing to PUBLIQ, you just need to send whichever cryptocurrency to the address provided and then you get your PBQ. It’s that easy.

So now you can no longer say that you’d love to help out but you just don’t know how.

PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.