PUBLIQ Network is LIVE now!

29 三月, 2018
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Our team is happy to announce that PUBLIQ Initial Network is live now and thus invite all our contributors to claim their PBQs. All you need is to create your personal Web Wallet and follow all the recommended security steps to create necessary backups. We recommend saving both your Recovery Phrase and Private Key in a physically separate, offline and secure storage: you need that Recovery Phrase to reset your password.

To make your experience more secure, initially only ITO contributors are granted access to the PBQ Wallet. However, in two weeks time we will provide an open access to all those wishing to create a PBQ wallet, no matter whether they have made contributions or not.

If you have already created your Wallet, please be patient, as it may take up to three days for you to receive the PBQs.

We appreciate your trust in PUBLIQ and its mission. Your support is what makes us feel appreciated and keeps us always motivated to do more than expected.

More exciting news shall follow.


PUBLIQ Publishing Platform is Live Now.