Champagne Breakfast for BT’s BAREFOOT (and for PUBLIQ) in London BT Tower!

04 二月, 2019
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Champagne! The very good Liz Williams (photo) is BT (British Telecom)'s Digital Society Director and I was one of the very fortunates to get an invitation from her to attend this morning, at the very top of London's BT Tower, a Champagne breakfast to celebrate what is undoubtedly a truly extraordinary achievement: The milestone of two million children using BT's BAREFOOT (BAREFOOT is the most popular programme used for teaching computer science in primary schools!). Hats down and PUBLIQ rallies heartedly to send BT and its super staff its bubbly congratulations!

The breakfast was hosted by Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT. Gavin is a respected icon in the media world and regularly ranked as one of the most influential persons in IT. After a talk by Gavin and Liz, the much sought breakfast took place in the tower's emptied revolving restaurant. The view of London from the top of BT Tower is breathtaking and on a personal basis it was a pleasant occasion for me to see for the first time my college, UCL, from the top; equally and on the opposite side the flat of a very good friend facing Regents' Park...and email her a glorious aerial photo of her estate.

More seriously to engage with several educational professionals, supporters or sponsors of BAREFOOT. Among them Paul Lickman, the very nice Executive Director of MORGAN STANLEY. An occasion to discuss the potential of blockchain in the future of banking, in the light of decentralisation and privacy. And an occasion to explain what PUBLIQ is doing or prepares, namely its forthcoming launch in March 2019. An event not to be missed! In the meantime feel free to open, precisely, a free account on PUBLIQ's platform and test what is, yes it exists, a fully functional Blockchain project designed for creators, journalists and teachers in particular: Nothing venture, nothing gained and in the latter respect, who knows, there may be surprises!

(Champagne at breakfast what an odd idea? Very few French do that. Must not tell BT though, in case they reach three millions pupils - which they will probably do :)!). Liz you know where to find us.

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