A step closer to decentralized media platform: PUBLIQ attended 0100 Conference in Bratislava

16 六月, 2017
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On 15th of June 2017, the 0100 Conferences took place in Bratislava. The goal was to bring together regional and international VC and Private Equity firms to discuss about a wide range of subjects. One of the subject and panel was about blockchain and ICOs with the potential disruptive impact it might have on the way startups are raising funds.

The conference agenda also consisted of the latest trends & insights in the European Private Equity industry through discussion panels and keynotes. PUBLIQ took part in the conference alongside their partner: DECENT and Blockchcain R&D Hub who shared their knowledge and expertise about blockchain. The talented line-up of speakers brought their wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from deal structuring, fundraising to exits or LP perspective. The conference was fruitful for the audience, and will most certainly benefit the industry in providing them more insight about the latest trends.

Please stay tuned on our website/social medias for our upcoming updates. We will also be present to speak about PUBLIQ in New York on the 16th of June for an event dedicated to PUBLIQ and its unique distributed media ecosystem!

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